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Company Information

Taiwan Intelligent Fiber Optic Network Consortium ( Taifo), established in 2012, and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE: 4539).

The Company led by Tai Tung Communication Co., Ltd (TCC), together with other 10 operating teams had formed up a project alliance of fifteen international companies, professional consultants and cooperated parties. Each member has abundant experience and outstanding record in construction and operation field.

Among them, TCC, the largest optical fiber manufacturer in Taiwan, is the only Taiwanese optic fiber company having the experience of participating in international public optic fiber network project.

And then Hon Hai / Foxconn Technology Group, the most trusted 3C leader in the world, joined the alliance in May 2013.

Through the alliance we had built up a city-wide, all optical fiber high speed network to serve Taipei City Government and its citizens, according to a 25-years BOT contract with Taipei City Gov.