All the countries in the world have put the deployment of fiber optic networks at the top of the agenda for infrastructure. The Taipei City Government on December 30, 2011 contracted Taifo (Taiwan Intelligent Fiber Optic Network Consortium) to construct the fiber optic networks for Taipei as the new Smart City. The purpose is to complete the “last mile”, the most challenging element of the urban communication networks, to meet the public’s need for broadband Internet with high-quality optic network services at competitive rates.

Mission Statement

Taipei FTTH BOT is one of the new ten infrastructure projects in Taipei City. Taifo designs the deployment of 100% optic fiber networks to replace the traditional copper wires and photoelectric hybrid cables, so that the bandwidth will not be constrained by distance. The vision is that the optic fiber networks will serve as the foundation for Taiwan as a Smart City. The high-capacity broadband network consists of passive components, without the electromagnetic interference associated with power transmission. This carbon-reduction approach is energy-efficient and environmental-friendly.

Management Team

Taipei FTTH BOT is an important element of the new ten infrastructure projects for Taipei City. Taifo’s management comes from Tai Tung Communication , Hon Hai Technology Group, Marketech International Corp. and Glory Technology Service Inc.. Supported by the Taipei City Government, we’re promoting the service and utilization of fiber optic networks by increasing FTTH penetration.

Our Advantages

Close to 100% FTTH Coverage in Taipei City, Highest in Taiwan

Taifo spent a total of five years constructing the fiber optic network to cover 99% of households throughout Taipei City. Any family in the coverage area and without obstructions can apply for high-quality broadband services with synchronous transmission and up to 1Gbps in speed. The vision is to see fiber optics to every home and for all the homes to be on the cloud.

The backbone fiber optic network built by Taifo can serve different needs from the information and communication industry so that the network achieves the maximum synergy and makes the most contribution to the citizens of Taipei City and industries in Taiwan.

Taifo builds carrier-grade servers and designs the remote backup structure. The fiber optic network in Taipei City comes in a ring loop, consisting of backbones, main loops, secondary loops and access loops. The backbone is constructed with 288-core optic fibers, with 192-core fibers connecting to the head-ends and secondary head-ends so that the backbone is closely knitted. The backbone is then connected with hundreds of loops built with 96-core fibers, all the way to the endpoints.

The GPON architect for FTTH networks boasts the following advantages:

  1. High stability of the electric circuits, with the avoidance of signal interference in transmission with the adoption of fibers and passive components;
  2. Up to 1Gpbs bandwidth, with flexibility of bandwidth adjustment and management.

Taifo is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company. We have been holding ISO certification since 2014. It is a formidable proof of our constant efforts to align with the industry-benchmarked information security standards and guidelines and our commitment to the highest levels of information security management across our network operations.

Products and Services

To provide the best user experience, Taifo seeks to ensure the best-of-breed information security, 7 X 24 customer services, innovation and customized products and services. From personnel, products/services and workflows, Taifo strives to create the best user experience and foster a customer-centric corporate culture.

Customer Stories

Enhancement of transmission effectiveness for 15,000 CCTV cameras on the streets

After the adoption of fiber optic transmission, the CCTV cameras on the streets of Taipei City can have real-time high-definition images from remote areas. Disconnection rate dropped by 80%, and repair can be done quickly. Any police station can access the footage from over 10,000 cameras throughout the city. This allows the CCTV system to maximize its benefits and protect the safety of the streets.

Fiber to all the municipal schools for Smart Education

Taifo has deployed fiber optic servers in one third of municipal schools in Taipei City, so that the students and teachers can enjoy a connection speed of 100Mpbs to 1Gbps to access Taipei City Education Network Center. All the schools can expand the WiFi coverage so that it is possible to log on with mobile devices for online learning and smart campus applications. This will enhance the quality of information education from elementary schools to universities in Taipei City.

Evolution of Smart Healthcare

Taifo has deployed a leased line on fiber optic networks for Taipei City Hospital, to enable long-distance healthcare, coordinated treatments offered by different hospitals and long-term care. It also offers exchange of Big Data with relevant government databases in a highly secured and stable environment. This prevents leakage of personal data and allows real-time monitoring of network traffic at different hospital campuses.

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